PULP's news and updates

  • A Portfolio for Custom Marble Fabric Prints by Lizeka Ketsekele

    A few weeks ago we had Lizeka Ketsekele join us at PULP to share on her marbling process and practice. Lizeka is the one behind all of the incredible hand marbled notebooks that we sell; and is, like us, dedicated to her craft.
  • A Board Book, an Attestation to the Possibilities of Story-Telling

    Recently, I was asked to bind a one-off board book intended to hold the story of a young child's adoption into her family. While excited at the prospect of producing a board book, I was most touched by its contents
  • 'The Depart-Ment of In-Between Affairs' by Siyanda Marrengane

    'The Depart-Ment of In-Between Affairs: Liminality as a Space for Negotiation, Story-telling and Re-making of Identities" is an exploration of ide...
  • 'Ripples Rhythms and Rapture' by Zara Julius

    Zara Julius is a Johannesburg based artist, researcher and vinyl selector. Her work, stemming from her background in anthropology, religious studies and anthropology; follows a trail of intersecting ideas drawn together under the notion of 'Rapture'.
  • Desert Dictionary, an artist book in development by Boris Baltschun

    Desert Dictionary is an artist book in development by German sound artist and composer Boris Baltschun.
  • Centring Silences, a reader edited and compiled by Stefanie Jason

    Centring Silences: The Elusive Photographic Archive of Mabel Cetu is a publication that attempts to trace the life and work of Mabel Cetu, a black female photographer - active during the 1950's and 1960's - whose work remains elusive, or otherwise absent from official archives.
  • There Are Mechanisms in Place: A creative Publication in response to the work of Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

    There are Mechanisms in Place is a creative publication compiled by Nkule Mabaso, curator at Michaelis Galleries (University of Cape Town); and Nomusa Makhubu, associate professor at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. The book centers around the work of Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum; more particularly on a solo exhibition by the artist, held at Michaelis Galleries in 2018.
  • A Companion for Your Soft Stitch Notebooks

    I can't think of all the times I have used a soft stitch notebook or diary, these are for me - and many others - the best notebooks to keep around as they are light, minimal in appearance and can hold a pen inside them without breaking the spine. They get thrown into and pulled out of bags countless times, often getting caught up in the various bits of detritus that float around alongside them.


  • PULP is part of Air Bnb and Snap Scan's Support Jozi Shop Local Campaign!

    Everyone keeps saying that we are in for some hard times, and we are. But we really have to give some serious props to companies like Snap Scan and...