pulp (n) a soft, wet shapeless mass of material

PULP Paperworks is a team of experienced creatives, banded together by an obsession with paper, sustainability and all of the possibilities in-between. The PULP team are veteran bookbinders specialised in handmade processes and creative projects. With a compassion for the earth and for our local suppliers, PULP uses strictly environmentally and socially ethical materials. For us, sustainability is more than recycling or ‘recycled’ products, it also applies to our work ethic. PULP is a professional ecosystem of skills exchange and development, our team includes craftsmen and apprentices from our local community to produce high quality, conscious books. We bring together concepts from digital to analogue, bulk to bespoke - our team welcomes every challenge as a rule. PULP operates collaboratively, constantly developing new designs together with local guest artists, artisans and designers. PULP is for making your ideas come to life – from pulp to production.

About Us

Victoria Wigzell: bookbinder, book designer, workshop facilitator

I come from a visual arts background, and as such have gained a wide range of experience from project management and production, to teaching and facilitation. During the past five years, my energy has been focused primarily on creating a sustainable business out of my skills and interests. Having embraced the challenges that come with small businesses, I take joy in each and every opportunity to learn, and to share what I have learned with others.

Mongezi Ncombo: journeyman bookbinder and workshop facilitator

I was born in the Eastern Cape, Mthatha on the 3rd of March 1987. I studied Visual Art and Design at the Central Johannesburg College and completed my studies in 2010. In the same year, I enrolled as a Saturday student in Printmaking at the Artist Proof Studio. I have since been dedicated to my artistic practice, which encompasses drawing, printmaking, painting, and more recently; bookbinding and publications.

I am currently based in Richmond, Northern Cape, where I am working as a mentor for the Richmond Bookbinding Project.