Gwakwani Village 4.0

Gwakwani Village 4.0 s a project led by the University of Johanesburg’s Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with Scheider Electric South Africa. Gwakwani is located in a remote part of northern Limpopo province. Its population (now between 70 and 100 people) has declined steadily in recent years due to its lack of connectivity to municipal services and the economic opportunities that come with basic access to water and electricity. Since 2013, electrical and electronic engineering students have been working to create innovative and sustainable ways of creating access to water and electricity for the village. Over the years, through a co-ordinated and community-led approach, the project has created a solar powered electricity infrastructure that includes a water pump system, household lighting for all houses in the community and a fully functioning bakery that employs 9 people.

We were asked to create a one-off clamshell box to house a small hand bound pamphlet stitch book and a set of artworks that reflect on the progress of the project. The box covers are covered in traditional striped Venda fabric, with the University of Johannesburg logo debossed in gold. The box linings are covered in black Wibalin.

Client: Wire Giraffe

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