Desert Dictionary, an artist book in development by Boris Baltschun

Desert Dictionary is an artist book in development by German sound artist and composer Boris Baltschun. The work is derived from an artist residency spent by Baltschun at Modern Art Projects in Richmond – a small town located in the heart of the Karoo desert. Dry wind, dry daytime heat and dry cold nights are characteristic of life in the karoo; and by extension of time spent at Modern Art Projects. Stemming from this, the artist has spent a number of months collecting stories from people all over South Africa. Each story begins with the question: “What does The Desert mean to you?”

The work takes the form of a book, which houses a speaker and amp that are only powered once the built-in solar panel is exposed to the sun. As such, this work can only be heard in the sun.

Original artwork: Boris Baltschun

Facilitated by: Modern Art Projects

Clamshell box production: Pulp Paperworks

Desert Dictionary, an artist book by Boris Baltschun