A Portfolio for Custom Marble Fabric Prints by Lizeka Ketsekele

A few weeks ago we had Lizeka Ketsekele join us at PULP to share on her marbling process and practice. Lizeka is the one behind all of the incredible hand marbled notebooks that we sell; and is, like us, dedicated to her craft. Having come from a background in sewing and textiles, which demanded many hours or repetitive actions; she is excited to have discovered a new creative process that forces her to slow down, and appreciate the process as much as the outcome.

Lizeka is working towards a range of high-end, custom marbled fabrics that can be marketed to fashion designers, interior designers, artists and the like. We decided to put together a prototype for a sample portfolio book, where the fabric pieces can be removed.

The portfolio is covered in a brown wicotex natuurlinen, the front cover is debossed in a matte gold and a pocket has been  included on the inside cover for a small publication or other promotional material.